The future you remember

You have all that you want, so why do you feel like something is missing? All your work and discipline have paid out. Why are you not enjoying the results of your work? Maybe the result is not the most important part. Maybe all you have to do to get to them is what matters.

You like solving problems and finding solutions to get out of tight spots. Sometimes it hurts, and sometimes your efforts are useless. There are also times when you find the right solution, and everything clicks. When that happens, all the pain and hard work is forgotten.

Right now, you might be too comfortable. You’ve been chasing this, but all the comfort numbs you. It is slowly turning you into a spoiled little brat that doesn’t want to work for anything. Everything you want is readily available, with hardly any effort, and it is not useful. It might feel good now, but in the long run, it is weakening you.

Like everyone else, you need a certain amount of opposition when trying to do something. It is this opposition that forces you to evolve, that makes you stronger, that builds your resilience. What’s missing now in your life is a challenge that requires you to get out of your comfort zone. You’ve been stagnant for a long time, maybe you need to step into the storm again.

It is a strange feeling to remember the future, but it happens when you’ve lived there for such a long time. You’ve already seen all your dreams, and the results of your plans, they have already materialized. You have lived in them, you have been transformed by them.

Yes, it happened inside your mind, but these experiences are now a part of you. Reality has no other choice but to make them real because, for you, they are real. So what if the people around can’t see the things you are talking about? These are not their dreams, they are yours.

It’s crazy you held on to them for such a long time because there are moments when it would’ve been easier to give them up. And you did that before you saw any progress. By now, you are so invested in this future you remember, that you know it’s getting closer every day.

Your certainty is what provides strength and patience when progress is not visible. When you manage to make progress, even if small, it provides energy for the next step, energy to give it another push.

There have been times when even the people you care about looked at you like you are crazy. It’s not because they don’t care about you, it is because they can’t see what you can see. Yes, things would’ve been easier with their support, but when you got here on your own.

Push a little further, and trust it will take you where you need to go. Soon enough the future that you remember will become your present.