No pain is forever

You might think that the pain you are feeling now is going to last forever. It’s not. When your heart gets broken, the pain you feel can’t be ignored, it can’t be covered, and you can’t be distracted from it. The only way to make it go away is to face it, but make sure that you don’t cling to it.

Right now, when all you want to do is run from the pain, clinging to it doesn’t seem plausible, but if you sit with it long enough, you might change your mind. What happened is not fair, you are right, but how can focusing on the mistakes that were made can ever be of any use to you?

Yes, you have been betrayed. What now? Will you stay here forever? Give yourself the chance to feel again, to feel something different than suffering.

Trust that what will come is going to be better than what has been. Know that you can help your chances for better experiences in the future by letting go of how the past has made you feel. If you can accept that bad things happen in life, and bad people will come your way sometimes, it will make it easier to stop blaming yourself for what happened.

The only fault that is yours is that you didn’t want to see the truth of the situation. You ignored what was in front of you, and now the pain is a lot stronger than it would have been if you acted on them. By now, it doesn’t matter, but remember that it was fear, not love that made you see things this way.

Do you think that you can do everything alone? You might be used to relying only on your own, but if you’re honest, there were moments when things would’ve out better if it wasn’t just you doing the work. Maybe it’s time that you learned to ask for help.

You can’t deny that you need it right now, but something is holding you from asking for it. Is it so hard to admit that you need some help? Not being able to do everything alone is not a weakness, on the contrary, it demonstrates courage.

Yes, it takes courage to admit that you can’t do something alone. And right now, you need to gather your courage and reach out for help. Don’t worry about what people will say, because they’ll always have something to say.

You are more comfortable with being the one that provides the help, but you need to also learn to accept the help offered. Just like you landed a hand to people that needed it, with no other intention than being of service, in the same way, there are people willing to help you.

Not everyone wants something in exchange for the help they provide. Some, do good because it makes them feel good, or because is the right thing to do. And, for you, the right thing to do is to ask for help now, because it is clear that you are not able to pull through this alone.

Doing the right thing, and asking for help, won’t harm you. It will actually make you stronger. But your ego will take a big hit and will use everything it has to stop you. If you want to make more progress, don’t listen.