The best way to live

What is the best way to go about life? In truth, there is none. Each person does their best with the knowledge and abilities that they have available at each moment. If you choose to see things like this, it makes it easier to not take it personally when someone appears to have wronged you. That person just didn’t know better.

This does not mean that every time something bad occurs it’s not your fault. It only means that it does you no good to judge the person in front of you, or even worse, to compare who you are with this person.

Not all the people you meet are going to be nice, even less are going to be on the same wavelength as you, and there is nothing you can do about it. But you need to know that not everyone life brings your way is meant to stay in your life. Some of them are only passing through because you need them or they need you.

What I wrote above might make you think that you need not attach to people in order to protect yourself, but, in truth, I’m saying the exact opposite. In every human relationship, trust and openness are the most important aspects, and they need to be there from the start.

You are not responsible for how the other person will react to what you do or say, and as long as you are well intentioned, there is nothing to worry about. The best way to go about life is to do the best you know with what you have, and trust that it will bring the desired results. If it doesn’t work the first time, you learn and try again.

When you start something new in life, it’s supposed to be scary because you know nothing about it. This is the case with everything that you are going to do. So what if it frightens you? Do it anyway. The fear shows up only to make you pay attention. It has no real power over you, not unless you give it that power.

For many of us, a new path is something to be avoided because it leads away from what we know, from what it’s safe. The further we move along this new path, the more at ease we become. With every twist and turn, we learn something new, something that might help when the next obstacle shows up.

Every time we run into difficulties, our minds revert to what they know, but it is in facing these difficulties that the mind can expand. The mind was not made to focus on expanding. It was made to keep us safe. By now, it became so good at its job that is protecting us from things we don’t need protecting from.

You evolve only when you push yourself outside of what you know, outside of what it’s safe. This is why the new path should not be avoided, even if it is difficult.

If we are to be honest, most of us want to go from start to finish in the shortest straight line, for everything we want to achieve. Reality will always present us with a winding road that takes us to many other places before reaching the destination. This is done for us to learn what we need to know in order to find the destination we are looking for.