Mistakes can lead to success

Have you ever considered that having things go wrong in your life is as important as having things go right?

Your first instinct is to run from what you don’t want, and do your best to avoid doing any mistakes, but in truth, those mistakes can become the foundation of your success. Every time you do something wrong, or the outcome is not what you expected, that is an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to add to who you are as a person.

For you to be able to learn from bad decisions, you must understand that your actions are designed to help you make progress. This progress will not always be in the direction you want it to be. Finding a way that doesn’t work for something is not that bad because it takes you one step closer to finding a way that works.

As a human being, you need to always try to do your best, that is the main requirement. Your decisions and your actions will be both, right and wrong. Surprisingly, this is a good thing.

Every human transformation happens when you are forced to push against something. When meeting something that is holding you in place you have only two choices, yield, and go back to what you know, or, push back for as long as necessary, until you become strong enough to clear the way.

Difficulties are a given in life. You are free to believe you can outrun them, but some of them can’t be outrun. To build strength, start early and discipline yourself to not run when things get hard. It is in the hard times that you get to prove your worth.

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it all depends on what you choose to listen to.

As you move through life, there will be moments when the only advice you have is your advice. To be able to trust this advice you must become aware of what your mind does consistently. The more you do things a certain way, the bigger the probability to do them the same next time. Your mind works in the same way.

When you decide to pursue what is important to you, your mind needs to become your best friend, because it will be the only support when everything else seems to unravel. Once it becomes clear to you that this dream of yours needs to become real, you will need to close your ears to everything the world has to say about it, good or bad.

Your perception must be as close to reality as possible, so your decisions can be based on something solid. Your vision, on the other hand, needs to be as optimistic as possible, even when reality has nothing in common with it.

It might seem counterintuitive, but the best way to have everything you need in life is, to find something to do that gives more energy than it takes, something that you are willing to do until the end of your life, even if it doesn’t turn into public success.

Your fulfillment in life will come from doing something that is meaningful for you, having no expectations or presumptions about how the world should react to it. In doing so,  you allow more of your energy to go into what matters to you.