It’s easy to get lost

The images that you see often are what dictate the way you will build your life. These images are not necessarily real.

Your life vision starts to be created from the moment you are born. In the back of your mind, images are being collected. With time, these images begin to mix together into something different.

The puzzle formed in your mind gets new images every moment you are alive. You always create a new version of life, inside your mind. Every new version gets updated with recent events that become part of who you are. This means you are the creator and the result of what your mind chooses to collect.

Snapshots of events are always added, most of them when you are not aware. It is mandatory that you become aware of what is allowed to enter your mind because otherwise, your life will not feel like your own.

You are capable of great things, but to be able to accomplish anything, you must start with a true understanding of how things work. And you get to understand by paying attention. The more you are able to question everything, the more sense the answers will make.

When you take everything at face value, you cheat yourself of the opportunity to expand your perception about life. It is never too late to make sense of how your mind works, and how it is affecting your life, but the more you wait, the harder it becomes to fix what you are not happy with.

It’s easy to get lost if you don’t pay attention. The days start as they always did, and they unfold with not many differences from each other. You go about what you have to do, and you fail to notice that with every step you take, you move further away from who you are.

When enough time has passed, you no longer know who you are, and you start believing that the person you are now is who you’ve always been. But something doesn’t feel right. In the silence of the night, when you are alone, your mind fills with thoughts that you no longer recognize, they make you feel uneasy.

Some nights, you have the courage to explore them, and with every step, you go deeper inside your mind, you uncover bits and pieces of who you are. They don’t seem like much, but the more fragments you’ll find, the closer you get to find yourself.

Losing yourself doesn’t happen in an instant. It’s something that happens in time, and just like the frog being slowly boiled alive, you don’t notice until it is too late. None of us can stay lost forever unless we choose it, but finding yourself involves work, time, sincerity, and, most importantly, you need to want it.

When you don’t know who you are, you’ll be tempted to replicate what everyone else is doing. Some things will work, but most of them won’t. The person you are meant to be is not a copy of someone else, but rather an original, with flaws and all.

Please pay attention to what you trade for what you consider to be progress because it’s easy to get lost.