Tested principles

You don’t want to do anything today. You barely managed to get out of bed. Unfortunately, you still have things to do, so you’ll have to shake off the laziness. The day will force you to do that.

You don’t like conflict, you never did. But this avoidance keeps putting you in situations you don’t want to be in. Many times, before, you’ve been dragged into something that you didn’t want to be in because you were unable to say “no”, because that meant conflict.

By now you should be aware that a small confrontation in the beginning is a better choice than doing something you don’t want to do. The way you’ve been acting is not good for you. Even if you managed to stay on your feet every time, it should be clear that your energy could have been better used.

You are under the wrong impression that letting people step over you only to keep the peace means you are a nice person. How can that be when you’re not even nice to yourself? How you do things comes from fearing what people will see you if you refuse them.

It’s not you who decides how they see you. It’s always their choice, and most times it has nothing to do with you or your actions. Next time you’re confronted with something you don’t want in your life, remember that a small psychological discomfort now, by saying no, hurts less than being in pain for a long time.

Do you really know who you are? Do you know what you’re capable of? You have a certain sense of who you believe yourself to be. The principles and values you choose to uphold define how you see yourself.

The image you can see in your mind is the result of the choices you make. Choices that led to actions that created the transformations that made you who you are today. How certain are you that what you believe about yourself is correct? Most likely, what you believe is a made up story that you don’t question anymore.

If you find yourself in circumstances that go against your beliefs, will you be able to hold on to them? This is not a question you can answer if what you believe has never been confronted. Everyone can be principled when it’s easy, but are you able to do it when it’s hard? When you have something to lose?

The life you lived taught you some things that you know and consider to be true, but they are not absolute truths. Everything in this world is subject to change, and your thoughts and your beliefs make no exception. Don’t be afraid to accept that what you know might be wrong, because it will allow you to replace old beliefs, that no longer apply to your life, with new ones that can be of better use.

If you ever find yourself in situations that push you into doing things that go against who you are, make sure that you listen to your heart. It will know the right way to act when your mind is no longer reliable. All that you truly have in this world, is who you are. Don’t think of giving that up for something that has no true value, even if you’ve been tricked into believing it does.