Necessary trade

I have been away for a while, but now I am back with replenished energy and the will to do the best I can, regardless of my circumstances.  I am aware that it is not going to be as easy as I’d like, but I can’t make any progress if I get stuck in front of obstacles.

They appear in my way only to be overcome and to reveal things about who I am. While I’m in the middle of things is not easy to see the benefits those obstacles might bring. They are only something that blocks the path to take me to what I want.

I start again on this path I’ve walked many times, hoping to push through what stopped me the last time. I am now a different person, a better person, I believe, and this should help, but it will be of no use if I don’t push forward for as long as I need to do so.

I am everything that I need to be in order to succeed. Now is the time to do the work until there is no more work or until I am no more. There is no other way. I stand frozen, knowing exactly what I need to do next. I am unable to act because what I need to do doesn’t feel right.

Objectively, there is no indication that what is in front of me is wrong, but my intuition tells me something different. It is not the first time this has happened, and by now, I know that I need to trust my intuition.

Many times, in life I found myself in situations where the next step to take was so obvious that it made me wonder if it really is the one to take. In these moments, I trust my intuition, and even if things don’t turn out the way I want them to, I can reach a place of balance.

My intuition is something that I don’t fully understand, but it has pulled me out of so many tight situations that, by now, I have no choice but to always trust it. The more I trust it, the better it gets.

I am getting tired from trying to do more than I can. That is why I’ve decided to shift my energy only towards what matters, what I believe matters. Soon I will be faced with a change that frightens me, though it might be good for me.

For half a year I must invest all my energy into learning all that I am taught because if I don’t it will be a big waste of time and money. I will do what is needed to succeed in this endeavor and take my life in a direction that is better for me and my wife.

We both need to have peace in our minds and time to enjoy each other. This will only happen if I prove to be the man I believe to be and embrace the opportunity presented to me. My life is wonderful, but I lack the time to enjoy it.

Like many times before, the solution might be counterintuitive. So, I will be giving up the next 8 months to gain the rest of my life on my terms. I pray to make the right choice, but I already know I can make everything a success