Nothing is forever

You are afraid because you don’t know what’s going to happen, and then you’re afraid because what happens seems overwhelming. So, when are you going to let go of fear? It is impossible to enjoy life if you are in a constant state of anxiety, and it’s also a waste of time.

Many things will happen without you being prepared for them, and you will still be fine when they happen. The way you feel comes from trying to live only inside your head, and then being confronted by reality. Why not enjoy what is in your life without going through a phase of refusal?

Any kind of change is uncomfortable. There is no way around that. But it does not mean that the final result is bad. It only means that you might need to go through something that you don’t want to get something that you want. And going through something that you don’t want is a lot easier when you don’t make up obstacles in your mind.

From now on, try something different, and take things as they come. Don’t make them harder than they need to be. If you manage to let go of fearing what you don’t know, you’ll realize that not knowing what comes next is part of what makes life interesting.

No matter what happens in your life, you will be fine, as long as you remember that nothing is permanent in life.

Something happened, and it forced you outside of what you know, and you don’t know what to do. Don’t try to control the situation because you don’t know enough about it. And even if you did, trying to control it takes a lot of energy.

There is a better way. One that you are not used to. Let everything unfold naturally. Don’t rush it. And stop thinking that you know better how things should go. Take days as they come. Trust in what they bring, even when it’s not what you want.

The way life unfolds is much different from your expectations, but this does not mean is bad. It only means that you should focus more on what is and less on what you think it should be. When something unpredictable comes your way, there is only one question that should come up: “What can I do now?”

One option is to do nothing and sometimes it might work if you don’t stay frozen in place. Another option is to see what you can do to improve the current situation. Either one you choose, the main purpose should be to keep moving forward. And to move forward, you’ll have to use what you have available, even if it’s not ideal.

This means that sometimes you’ll need to take the long way somewhere, sometimes you’ll have to push through, and sometimes you’ll have to let the flow take you where it sees fit. Whatever the case is, remember that you decide how you spend the time between checkpoints, and that can make all the difference.