Your emotions are the best part of you because they can guide you when there is nothing else. But for that to happen, you need to learn to understand what they’re saying.  Until now, you’ve been trying to run from your emotions because you think they make you weak.

That is not true, when understood, your emotions will only make you stronger. They are an indication of how you really feel about the world around you, and sometimes that is different from how you want to feel.

Not all your emotions will feel good, but they are necessary. They act as signals about the state you’re in. Like many things in this world, your emotions are not meant to be hung on to. Their purpose is to let you know how you feel about what you’re experiencing.

When you hold on to an emotion for too long, you start ignoring all others and closing yourself inside a bubble. All that happens in the world will be seen through that emotion. So, from something that is meant to help you, feelings turn into something that is hurting you, and it’s keeping you trapped.

Don’t be afraid of what you feel, and pay attention to what they are telling you. Sometimes they might be right, and sometimes they might not. It is your responsibility to know what is true and what is false. Never dismiss what you feel before questioning where those feelings come from. They always have a reason to exist.

Life is filled with sadness if that’s what you want to see. But at the same time, it has everything else in it. Every day, you give sense to what is present in your life, and by doing that you decide if it’s of any use to you. You are free to take whatever you want from what is happening, but be careful what stories you tell yourself to justify your choices.

You’ve been choosing joy and happiness, in the hope that you will see the world in a different color from the usual grey. That didn’t work as expected because the more you searched for joy and happiness, the harder they were to find.

This happens because they are meant to be experienced, to be lived. Once you understand that, there is no need to look for them because they can be found everywhere. The emotions you feel are a way to filter the world, but sometimes, you might use a single filter for everything, while other filters are also available.

No emotion is meant to be held onto. They are there to make you aware of how you positioned yourself in connection to what happened. So, feel them, figure out why they are there, and then let them go. Life is filled with everything for everyone, and you pick up what you want. But sometimes, what you want is not right for you, and that’s when you won’t like the emotion that comes up.