Suffering can transform people. It takes away every bit of humanity. It forces you to make choices you don’t want to make.

For the lucky ones, even if it doesn’t feel like that for them, there’s strength in suffering. Every bit of pain, be it physical or mental, is like a hammer that comes down thousands of times on the steel before it becomes a sword. 

With every hit, there’s a risk the steel being worked will crack. The good weapons have taken all the hammering and the stress of the quenching and are now ready to fulfill their purpose.

In this same way, a good man must take all of what life throws in his path and find the hidden strength. If not, all that remains behind are ugly scars and bitterness.

I would like to tell you that after you have worked enough things are going to become easier. I would lie to you and to myself. What I can tell you is that you will get better at taking the hits and some will hurt less. They always come. Let every hit prepare you and trust you are strong enough to take the pain and the pressure.

If you choose to give up at any point it might feel good for a short time, but when the illusion darkness cast upon you fades you will find yourself stuck. You will remain in the same place wallowing in pain and sorrow until you choose to break free. The catch is, your strength fades with every moment passing.

For your sake and for the whole world, find inside the strength to move forward, the strength to take the hits. This is the only way you can become the person you are supposed to be.