The rains have stopped

The rains have finally stopped. It’s been three days since we reached the castle. Morale is still low, but it’s a lot higher than when we got here.

The firsts rays that pierced the veil of clouds changed people’s moods. The streets were filled with puddles, but men and women came and went trying to go around and keep dry.

From the balcony of my room, I saw the main street. The city was slowly waking. Life was returning to its natural flow. It was southing for me to witness people going on with their lives. Out there, always surrounded by soldiers I tend to forget the sweet nothings that makeup life.

It hurts that Allegra is far away. I miss our sweet nothings. I miss the way she cuddles to my chest in the morning. I miss the way the sun rays pass through her black hair. I miss the childish face she makes at moments. I miss just living our life together, with no care in the world.

I can’t do that anymore, because now I know too much not to care. Now it’s not only about me and Allegra, it’s about every man, woman and child in this world. Now it’s about doing the right thing.

Life, as it is, is beautiful. With all the bad things happening in this world, life is still beautiful. If we can, isn’t our duty to save it? I believe it is.

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