Stuck in the same place

What are we supposed to do when we get stuck in places we no longer want to be in?

I am now trying to move from such a place but the progress is not as fast as I’d like it to be. I am doing what is in my power to change the situation I’m in. Though I am completely confident about the success of my endeavor I still question the timeline. This is because the more I stay in this same place the more I change in a way I don’t want to.

I am tired of complaining about the shortcomings of where I am and try to focus on the things I can work with. I have decided to do my best with what is provided to me. This might mean I will not meet people’s expectations, but it will be fine. I would have still done my best. In this crazy world, the only way to remain partly sane is to do the best with what we have and be happy about it.

Stuck in the same place for ages. I’m tired of self-pity, but it seems to be the only thing I am able to do. Thoughts of escaping, of being free to enjoy life, flow in my mind.

I feel numb both in my body and my mind. Every time I try to move I do it the same way I did it a thousand times before. I need a new way of action, a way that allows me to be more of myself. A way where I can help myself and the people around me.

I am caught in a cartoon drawn in all gray with no way of adding some color. At least my dreams are in color. Been struggling to change the world for a long time, but the world wants no changing. I now try to look at the world from a different perspective. I try my best to see each person. See them for who they are.

I find too many people are as scared as I am. It’s not fair to any one of us, but these are the rules we are forced to play by. I‘ve been questioning myself about where should I head next. Unfortunately, the answers that came had no instruction on how to be applied. So, I’m still here. I have a faint idea of where I should be going, but I have no clue on how I could be getting there.

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