A long time ago

It seems like a lifetime ago I left home for the first time, though only a few years passed.

My childhood was special, I only see that looking back. The love my parents had for me and my brother was the best gift they could’ve given. They had a way of doing things that to us was nothing short of magical. I witnessed my mother doing everything she could to keep Will and me safe. Even when that meant putting herself in danger.

My father seemed cold at times, distant. I had to become a man myself before I could understand what was doing. He tried his best to keep the outside world at bay, but at the same time teach us what we needed to know to make our own place in this world. The stories he told me and Will are still fresh in my mind, still teaching me lessons long after he left this life.

Those times are only memories I treasure. Now I have to face the path in front of me. This path I have never dreamed of.

As a young boy, I run from responsibilities, and sometimes I got away with it. Now I also try to run from them, but it’s hard to do because I understand what they mean. I understand why I need to do things and I understand that no one is going to do the work in my place.