Stop fighting everything

A feeling of peace takes over when you stop fighting everything life brings in your path.

Too many times you focused on what you believed is the right thing to do and failed to see the signs of something better being available. Your plans and goals are necessary but should not be set in stone. Every moment of life brings new information and new circumstances, that you need to adapt to.

The ability to adapt to an ever changing environment is the most necessary skill every person should develop.

As humans, we all have an innate level of adaptability, but it’s not enough in today’s fast pacing world. This is why doing things that are uncomfortable should be something you seek.  By doing things that force you to think differently, that require new solutions, that you don’t like doing, you become better at coping with the surprises of life.

There will always be surprises in life, and even if you want to run or hide from them, you will be forced to face them. Some of them will last for so long that it will seem they are all there is. Every little thing you did, even though you didn’t want to, helped build your adaptability muscles. Now, when a big change takes place in your life, you are not afraid because you know how to go about life.

Do you remember to be grateful? I often forget it and start to focus on what is not as I want it in my life. In truth, there’s always something to be grateful for, but we get caught up with life and forget to see the reasons we are grateful.

Many people believe that being grateful for what you have means you no longer strive to improve. Every path that improves your life starts with being grateful, there is no way around it. Your life is yours to decide, but there is no harm in acknowledging the people and the circumstances in your life that helped get you to this point.

What you are facing today might not seem worthy of your gratitude, on the contrary. You still need something to focus your gratitude on, because it will give you the necessary strength to move past what is blocking your way.

When you’re surrounded by responsibilities, it is hard to believe that any good can come out of the difficulties that are your life now. No matter what I’ll tell you, the benefits will be visible only long after you left this problem behind.

No one will be able to tell how your life will unfold, but everything will be a little sweeter if you can find something to be grateful for in every day. It does not have to be something big, it just needs to be something that you genuinely appreciate.

When things get hard again, everything that you were ever grateful for acts as a battery for your willingness to move forward. And moving forward is the only way to get out of the hard times.