Don’t be afraid

How can we be afraid of the things that we don’t know, even if it’s been proven that growth and evolution come from what we don’t know?

The mind is a prediction machine, so, it makes sense that it would prefer to work with what it knows, but this leads to not so accurate predictions. In this case, ignorance is no bliss. To improve our minds’ predictions, we need to provide as much correct information as possible. Correct information means that we don’t leave anything out, that we take into account even the things that we don’t want to accept.

It is fine to be afraid the first time you do something. What is not fine, is to keep being afraid forever. Your fear will diminish every time you do the thing that scares you until you get to a point when you don’t notice the fear anymore.

Every day of your life will bring new things, and you will be forced to deal with them while being afraid. In doing so, you become stronger, and next time will be easier. There will not be a moment when fear will be completely gone from your life and it shouldn’t, because its purpose is to draw your attention to potential danger. It is your job to decide if the danger is real or not.

By taking on what is uncomfortable, in time, you learn what can hurt you and what can’t. This way, your mind will be able to make better predictions. Grab what you have and start moving, or you might be forever stuck in a place that is not good for you anymore.

You have been trying to convince yourself that how you feel has nothing to do with the place you are in, and with how it makes you feel. No matter how much you avoid it, the truth will always find its way to you. It will knock on your door until you open it or the door breaks.

Your feelings and thoughts are trying to make you aware that the place you are in is starting to become small for you. Your mind is looking for ways to avoid change, but change is exactly what you need. You want to move, but you are not sure of the direction you need to go, and this is frightening, but it’s not as scary as remaining the same forever.

The first step you make will be unsure. So will the second one. The more you move, the more confident you will get. This newfound confidence will allow you to identify the signs along the way that will point you in the right direction. Soon enough you’ll call a new place home.

Every cycle in life goes like this. You were never meant to be the same person from the start to the end of life. The life you live is meant to transform you, to add to what you’ve been given at birth. But for this to happen, you will need to let go of what you know to make room for something new.

The new thing is not easy, but it will awaken in you abilities you were not aware of. Once the new thing becomes too easy, it has now become old. It’s time for something new.