Everything is beautiful

Everything in this world is beautiful, but only when you observe this do you allow it to be shared with you. This means that the world is just as beautiful as you let yourself see. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to focusing on all that is bad. Every day, we look for something that we can complain about. We do this so much that there’s no time left to see the beauty.

Most of us have comfortable lives, but we’ve let comfort become our cage and our enemy. Everything needs to be exactly as we desire, and any variation from that is a reason to complain. Through this approach, we make ourselves miserable, and we ignore all that is good, all that is going good in our lives. It is not fair to dismiss a thousand blessings because of something you perceive as wrong.

You must understand that your attitude, and where you focused your attention, are always your choices, even if it doesn’t feel so. By turning your attention to the good and the beauty that is already in your life, you leave less space inside your mind for what you don’t want. Also, you allow more of what is good and beautiful to enter it.

Educate yourself to acknowledge the good you already have, and to look for the beauty in everything. It can make a big difference in how you will feel every day. When you learn to focus mostly on what is beautiful, and what is going right in this world, you give yourself permission to enjoy life.

A life you enjoy is not something that’s going to be gifted to you. It is something that you create on your own. It is the result of your efforts or lack of them. To see things like this is not easy because we are used to putting responsibility for what we do on anyone else but us.

This way we are never to blame ourselves because it’s always someone’s else fault. To blame others for our own mistakes seems to be the easy option, but it never is. It’s only a way to temporarily avoid the responsibility for our actions.

The avoided responsibility adds up until it catches up with us. By the time that happens is a good chance it will be too much to take on. It is a lot better, and more manageable, to assume responsibility every time it is necessary. In doing so we have the benefit of not carrying with us the unfinished issues from the past.

When you avoid assuming responsibility for your actions, you refuse to become better. What is hard doesn’t need to be avoided. It needs to be taken care of. Many of us confuse an always happy life with a life we enjoy. In truth, enjoyable life is made up of good and bad.

Going through all that is thrown in our path is where the joy resides. Joy is never connected to a final result, but it can be found in doing the small things until they add up to something big enough to change us, thus changing our life. So, then, a life you enjoy is made up of all the small moments that seem unimportant because they are the building blocks of everything you want to accomplish.