Not as sweet

Do you ever feel like the things you’ve chased are not as sweet once reached? It’s like you felt better when working towards what you wanted. Now that you achieved this goal, you are ready for a new one.

When things stay the same for too long, we start looking for something different, and if it doesn’t happen organically, we create problems that we then have to solve. Out of boredom, we get into the habit of creating problems for ourselves because it makes life look more exciting. Over time, these problems stack up and we become overwhelmed.

Every person is a problem solver, but no one is able to solve all problems alone. Each of us has an area where we are better at finding solutions. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, it’s necessary to focus on the problems that excite us, because there we will have the best results.

A better way to make life more active is to constantly push the boundaries of your comfort zone. If you do this every day, in small increments, it is safe enough not to get hurt, and, at the same time, it will help you evolve.

What you choose to go after is important, but the way you are going to get there might prove more important because your transformation is dependent of the way.

The way that you choose to reach the goal will provide the real value of that goal. There are no lessons to learn when you take the shortcut. Always pushing for what you want gets tiring after doing it for a long time. There are times when you need to let things come to you.

There is no exterior signal to let you know when to push and when to expect, but if you pay attention there might be a signal inside. People are designed to strive for something. It makes life have a purpose. But many of us confuse desire for purpose and start pushing for something that only takes us further from what is important.

For such a long time we have identified success with material gain, when real success is about how you feel inside. The way you feel inside can always make plenty out of little, it can light up the darkest places, and it can bring joy where there was none.

Maybe it’s time, for each of us, to take a break from whatever we are doing, and reassess what we deem important in life because the way we are doing now is not working. If what you are pushing for has started to drain your energy, and each day leaves you more empty than the one before, it is time to change something, it is time to change direction.

No one will be able to tell you where to go next, but when you focus on finding joy in what you do, your search becomes easier. As long as you can find joy in all that you do, and share that joy with the people around you, you can consider yourself successful because the life you have inside can never be extinguished by any difficulty you might encounter.