How you see yourself

How you see yourself is the most important thing in the world because it reflects into how your life unfolds. When you talk to yourself, what words do you use? Are you fair to yourself, or maybe, find ways to break down your successes?

Every one of us needs to be able to justify each action, in order to be able to do it. If you don’t have a justification for what you are doing it will be harder to do. Unfortunately, the bad things are just as easy to justify inside that mind, and once done, they become easy to do.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to the way you talk to yourself because the words you use will define the way you act. Your inner dialog goes on all the time, and if you don’t have a bigger reason to do what you are doing, it is easy to become distracted from what needs to be done and get lost in your thoughts.

The outside world will confirm every opinion you have about who you are, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. So, it falls on you to create an image that you like, and be kind to yourself when things don’t seem to go your way. It is your responsibility to close the gap between who you are and who you let the world see. It will be difficult, and painful, and it will take a long time to do, but it will enrich life beyond your imagination.

As you look back things look a lot different from how they appeared to be when you were there. This is only an illusion, you are what’s changed. With every moment added to your life, you have become a different person, a person that sees things differently compared to the person who experienced them.

You developed a bad habit of judging yourself for the way you acted in situations you had to face in the past, but you forget to consider that you know more now than you did then, and this changes your perception. In other words, what you see now in those past situations, is not the same as what you saw when you had to face them.

If you can understand that as long as you do the best with what you have available and with what you know, in every situation, you can stop judging your past experiences through what you know today. The person standing here today is the person that was transformed by those past experiences, so, it is only natural to see them differently when looking back.

The purpose of looking back is not to regret not doing things differently, but rather to use what the past has taught you to avoid the same mistakes in the present.

This moment is all that you can be certain of, and it is here where you create life. At this moment, your future and your past don’t exist. At this moment you can be whatever you want. Stop wasting time wishing for the past to change and use this moment to create what you want.