See the destination

Wishing to do something and doing it are two different things. No amount of wishing will ever make something become real. Only when we start acting, our path opens up. For it to remain open long enough to take us where we need to go, continuous action is required. 

The destination is not always visible, but this should not weaken our trust in the path. Sometimes, what we see in front of our eyes paints a different story than what we expect. This doesn’t mean it is wrong, it only means we need to look at it differently and find what can help us to move forward. 

Once we learn to do this we will be able to find something useful in any situation. In doing so we grow to become the person that will reach the destination at the end of the path. 

In this life, transformation is needed each step of the way. No step forward can be made without change, and if we are not moving towards the person we can become, what are we doing here?

The way we see the future has a big impact on the way we choose to live. That is why we need to always see past the hardships we face each day. We need to hold in our souls and our minds an image of the future we want, so clear that nothing breaks it. 

All of us plan for the future. Some are more thorough than others. Ideally, we should have a reasonably designed blueprint for our future. This will be useful when the present doesn’t resemble the image we have inside our minds.

This blueprint is not supposed to be a step by step plan but needs to be clear enough to provide guidance when we are faced with options that confuse us. 

Trying to reach the future you imagined, when it has nothing to do with what you are currently living might seem crazy. Even so, you owe it to yourself to always have the destination in mind. This way, the road you are on will be less difficult, even when it’s constantly changing.