Open hands

It seems the hardest thing for us is to open up. We go about life trying to hide parts of us only because we think it will make us likable or lovable. After doing this for a long time we lose the parts we were trying to hide.

In doing this, we become less than what we could’ve been. This is a loss for the individual, but also for the world because all we were meant to never happen.

Who each of us is, is important, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel this way. When we find the courage to show ourselves to the world, we inspire others to do the same, and today more than ever, we must learn again how to forge meaningful connections.

This world will be transformed by our understanding of being human. Learning to rise each other up, rather than knock each other down, is the first step.

Meeting the world with open hands is a hard thing to do. It means to show ourselves with no mask, only who we are. Many of us believe that who we are is not enough, but that is a mistake. We are always enough. We might be as good as we want, but that can be improved.

The way we are made is our biggest strength, not our weakness, and we should acknowledge this. Each of us has a unique set of abilities that only we can bring into the world. Every time we try to hide parts of us, we are letting the world unchanged.

The world needs to change for the better, and to do this we need to find out what is our path and what we are supposed to do. We only can do this by being. We must be the person we were meant to be and only we can discover what that means.