What is left when it seems there’s nothing left to do? This is the time when you need to look inside for answers, to find out what is important for you, what makes your heart sing.

Finding inner strength is necessary because you need something to pull you out of this place you are caught in. No one can help unless you find what motivates you and use that to move past what is keeping you trapped.

When you turn attention inwards for the first time it’s scary because of what you find in there. Everything that you haven’t admitted to yourself is there, and for you to turn weakness into strength, you first need to make peace with the parts you have rejected.

The more you understand and accept those parts that are frightening, the stronger you become, but most importantly, you get closer to discovering the complete person you are.

There’s peace in my mind. I haven’t felt this for a long time and I want to keep the feeling for as long as possible. I don’t know how the future will unfold and is fine. My worries won’t change the events, only my perception of them, and not to my benefit.

All I can do to improve the outcome of events is do my best and use the moments of peace to recharge, and plan for when the turmoil starts again. My performance will be only as good as my mind allows it, and because of this, I have started working on my mind a few years ago, in hope of pushing the limits further.

These limits our mind imposes are the only ones we need to move past. Once we do that, every obstacle in the real world will be a lot easier to overcome. I am not saying your life is going to be easy, I am saying you are going to be stronger.