Regain control

The only truth that exists in life is our own. This is not because we know everything, but because every experience is absorbed in a way that is uniquely ours. We wrap every event in life in a complex mesh of feelings, interpretations, and beliefs so that it aligns with the person we are deep inside.

Our memory of a certain event will never be the same as that of a person who was present because none of us remember the complete event, but rather what we took from it.

If we manage to accept this is the way our mind works, we will become open to real communication. A different opinion than our own means that the other person put a different meaning to what happened.

The ability to understand that our version of reality is not the only one that exists and that everyone else’s is as true as ours is essential for genuine human connection. Without connection, this world is frozen.           

We live in a time when things have become confusing. So much information is presented to us, on a daily basis, that it makes it difficult to know what to keep and what to discard.

For this reason, many of us give up on applying the work necessary to educate ourselves, and only look for the smallest bits of information. Our world can only get better if we educate ourselves constantly. This takes effort and discipline, and these are in small supply.

The lack of education is the reason for many of the problems we are facing today because it leads to a lack of tolerance, lack of empathy, and a lot of conflicts. Education might not be the answer for everything, but it creates a better foundation to build on.

Each of us needs to understand that our education and evolution, and also the way we choose to live life, is in our own hands. We are the ones responsible for where we end up. Until we can accept this, we will always be at a disadvantage.

When a person takes responsibility for everything in life, the perspective changes, and control is regained.