Actions have consequences

Being disconnected from each other has created problems in our minds. We all need human contact, now more than ever, but it’s not yet possible. We must understand that the world is not about any of us individually, it’s about all of us. Until we start acting as a whole, we will not be all we can be.

Every person is important, but when you focus all your attention on yourself, you become blind to everything else. The consequences of your actions upon others matter, even when you don’t see it as such. We must make an effort to see people around us, and help and support them whenever we can. No person can be everything alone. We need each other.

A life where we focus on doing the best we can, for us and the people around, can be a lot better than a world where one person takes from others, under the illusion that it will lead to growth. We can all have all that we want, but first, we must learn to give, and wait for nothing in return.

A single drop of rain can make a river overflow if it comes at the right time. It’s the same with human beings also. When someone is close to the breaking point, a seemingly insignificant event can push that person over the edge.

The tricky part is that none of the persons involved know where is that breaking point. The easy fix is to stop pushing people into situations they don’t want to be in and to genuinely listen to what they have to say.

Even if we are alone for all of our choices, no person can overcome all obstacles in life alone. We need to understand people before we dismiss their point of view and what they have to say.

Each of us comes from a different place and has undergone different experiences. This is what makes us unique. This is what makes us valuable. The specific point of view we bring to the table is irreplaceable.

We all have so much to gain if we understand that working together and respecting others’ choices and opinions are the right things to do. This means I don’t necessarily need to be wrong for you to be right. We can both be right, or we can both be wrong because we see the same thing from different places. My opinion doesn’t have to oppose yours. They can both live at the same time.

Sometimes in life, doing the right thing is more important than being right could ever be.