Benefits of writing

Some mornings I feel I have no more words to write, but still, I need to write. By now, writing has become a part of me. Even when it’s hard I need to do it. Having a way to clear my mind helps make myself and my life better.

I can’t really explain how, but once the words are out of my head and on the page, they stop hurting, there is no more pressure. The ability to take all that troubles me and lay it on the page is something I didn’t know I had, but once discovered I never want to give it up.

Writing about my problems, my worries and all that goes through my mind acts as a sorting mechanism. It allows me to choose the good from the bad and it makes everything clearer. I hope to always be able to do this because I need it and it needs me.

Writing is the same as music for me. It can soothe my pain and it blocks out the world, providing me time to find myself. Being alone, with only my thoughts, can sometimes be overwhelming. Laying them on the page makes them easier to cope with. Once thoughts get onto the paper, the pressure they created is gone.

By taking what’s inside my mind into the real world through writing, I become aware of what is happening when my thoughts are unsupervised. I learn new things about myself, and I am able to better understand how my mind works. For me, understanding why I think in a certain way, what motivates me to do so, it’s important.

My wish is that what I find out about my own behavior and my thought process, can be useful to any person that is feeling overwhelmed. By sharing what I learn, I want to provide a new perspective for people that can only see the dark side of life, and also provide them tools to make sense of the mess.

None of us can reach our full potential if we don’t understand ourselves first. Our awareness needs to go both ways. We must be aware of what is happening in the world outside, and also what goes on in the world inside.