Pay attention

I need to pay attention. For a moment, I let myself go and the little I saw of what I’m capable of frightened me.  I grew up thinking I’m on the good side of being human, but now I don’t know.

Inside it feels as two sides fight constantly for control. Most times I end up choosing one of the sides and sometimes one of the sides chooses me. That’s when it gets scary. I feel stripped of all control, only instincts remain. I must always be aware of what is happening inside, just as I am aware of what is happening outside. Otherwise, I’m bound to repeat what’s happened here and it’s not something I want.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is we are fine. No, we are not. Each of us has his or her problems, that we tend to ignore. From here starts the real trouble.

In the amount of time I have lived, I have learned life is better when you are true to who you are.  It’s strange, but most people go about their life with no clue about who they are. People borrow opinions about who they are from anyone else but themselves.

Give up what you believe the world thinks of you and find out who you are. Do that for yourself.

A dream starts as nothing important. It’s just an idea floating around in your mind. For a moment it catches your attention. After that, a long time may pass before you visit it again.

By now it’s not a single idea anymore. It has grown. Now it’s a thought with its own power. From this moment what started as an idea turns into a dream. It will talk to you without using words, but feelings. It will sometimes force you into situations you would not enter usually. It will find a way to become real.

Over time it will grow and you will grow with it, but only if you allow this.

A feeble thing is the human will. That is only until you start to feed it. Then it changes into something unstoppable. Something capable of pushing you towards your purpose even when there is no clear path.

Will is always strengthened by a good purpose. A purpose that speaks to your soul. What you think, who you are, and what you do must be on the same line. Then, you will feel nothing and no one can stop you from doing what is right.