Days of peace

I am once more in a place I don’t belong in and I feel trapped. I don’t know how it happens, but from time to time I end up in places I don’t want to be in. My only course of action when I realize this is to stick through it. Most of the time this works and I even learn new things about myself and the world.

There are also times when I can’t stick to my way and I worry and make plans to avoid the whole situation. Now I know this way of doing things doesn’t work, but when I am caught in the middle of it is not as easy to think clearly.

My mind focuses on avoiding everything instead of finding a solution for the matter at hand.

Days of peace are rare. That is why they need to be treasured. I feel such a day is starting for me and I am ready to enjoy every bit of it. This is not an easy task when life takes over and comes at you fast.

If I want to keep my day of peace, I must guard it against anything that could change its energy. If I don’t do this my day will change course without me noticing and I will end up in a place I never intended to visit.

Keeping my day of peace is all about the way my mind works. If I am able to stay on track and keep my thoughts in check, my day will end as good or better than how it started. If I start reacting my energy will be gone.

Fighting the day is not a solution. I need to navigate each situation knowing I will be fine, no matter how it goes.

I am here again, without a clue about the next move I have to make. I’ll have to take one step at a time hoping it will get me in the right direction. To get me past situations that are not good for me I try to look for the truth in everything. It provides a base for me to make a decision.

In today’s world, finding the truth in what people say and do is not as easy as it would seem. Most of us try to hide who we are and how we are. That makes it difficult to see through all the illusions, but not impossible.

To me, listening to people, trying to see past the facade is something I enjoy. I like to see how a person can transform. People are easy to be seen for who they are. All that is required is attention and acceptance.