For a better world

Enough whining. Just do the work. Aren’t you tired of wasting time?

Life has treated you kindly and you have been blessed in every aspect of it. Now it’s time you give back. The words flowing from your fingertips are the words someone needs to hear.  You owe it to yourself and to all the people waiting for the words you set free.

I understand that at times it is hard to bring the words out, but if instead of whining you put pen to paper, they will come. Good or bad, trust your writing. It is the essence of who you are.

The world is in need of people willing to share themselves, so find the courage to put yourselves out there. Your words are needed. You are needed.

We all want guidance in our life, but the guidance doesn’t come unless we are willing to follow our own council.

Bringing my pain and my joy to paper is something I was made for. I love the peace it brings me. The peace that surrounds me when, after a few moments of staring at the page, the words start flowing. I never know what is going to come out. I just wish it to be true. A truth that is easy to understand.

When I come back to read what I’ve laid on the page weeks or even months ago, I am surprised by the feelings it brings forth. I find pieces of my soul scattered through the words.

What have we done to end up in a world where our true feelings are seen as weakness? This is a wrong view because those feelings are the strength hiding in each of us.

We grew accustomed to quantify all aspects of our lives without considering love, courage, tenacity, and many others. This kind of immaterial aspects of life can prove more important than any material gain. It might sound naive, but life will prove my point if you let it.

Every lesson you receive in life chisels your character and with every chip, something new about who you are comes out. What comes out is not always good, so it is on you to decide what’s to be kept. What you keep makes for who you are.