Glimpses of happiness

Glimpses of happiness. It seems that is all we are allowed. I don’t accept that. I appreciate and enjoy these crumbles of happiness, but I pursue a complete state of happiness. It has eluded me to this moment, but I need to believe what I search for can be found.

While I find satisfaction in every little thing I do I still long for the moments when all that is bad and ugly in this world fades away. What’s left is the moment I’m caught in. A moment that lasts for as long as I can keep my mind and attention on the activity that started the feeling.

Sometimes I’m able to stretch these moments and enjoy them in full. Other times, they leave me just as fast as they’ve shown up.

The value we put on things, on what people say, on all that happens is all subjective. It has no measure we can judge it by.

Our feelings are the reason some people or events make a lasting impression on us, sometimes so powerful it shapes our character. This influence can be either good or bad, and most of the time it has no connection with reality.

The experience is important, but the way we choose to take it in is more important.

I’m making a case here for each of us to live our lives as they happen. Learn to connect the right feelings to the right thing and let everything else pass us by. This way you might even taste happiness.

Adulthood is not what it’s cracked up to be. We wait to grow up hoping this will bring fulfillment and we will be able to do all that we ever wanted. Once we become adults the truth hits. It’s nothing like we imagined. Problems and responsibilities attack and we find ourselves cornered.

We are now in a world we don’t understand and with each day we lose a little part of ourselves. Until one day when we become like everyone else. A fish in a tank.

The one thing I found to make things better is to bring back the child in me. He never took things too seriously and always found a way to enjoy things. Remembering how to be a child helps me be happy and keep worries away. Just as a child, I like to share and help when possible. Doing this I receive something that my soul needs.

For me, the benefit of being an adult is I understood life is about doing what feels good for the soul.