In a new light

Have you ever happened to see something or someone in a new light even if it was right in front of you? It’s strange when that happens because it takes you by surprise.

Our life is full of things and people we don’t see until we are ready to acknowledge them. We must become mature enough for those certain people and things to become visible to us.

It seems life was designed like a video game. You go through each level gaining experience and from time to time you meet new characters that prove important further along the way. The people we meet in our path, all matter. That is why is important to see everyone and treat them fairly. Try to bring value to their lives, because they might bring value to yours, even if you don’t know it yet.

It hurts when you can’t help the ones you love. I have struggled with this for a long time. I still do sometimes.

What changed my perspective was understanding that no amount of explaining would make things clear for people caught inside the problem. For me, it’s easy to see a solution, but for them is hard to apply it or even understand it.

Everyone will make the change, good or bad when they feel ready. No amount of pushing and pulling will make any difference.

Some things are already done the moment you think of them. For the others, you have to persevere and move in the right direction. Being the person you want to be it’s a lot of work. Every day you invest in yourself it’s a step closer to who you want to be. No piece of knowledge will ever be bad for you.

A long time ago I have started studying myself. Why I do certain things, how and why I feel a certain way, how I can improve. From that moment on I was never the same man and I can never be the same man again.

Everything I have learned in all these years made me a better man than I thought I could be. I pray I have the strength and clarity to keep on working on myself until the day I die.

I see no other way to live except trying to get better every day and help others do the same.