Nothing missing

The last years passed so fast, that we barely noticed. What we did notice, are the restrictions it imposed on us. But it’s not all bad because we learned again the value of friends and family, the value of human contact.

Many times, when we are forced into situations that restrict us, we tend to focus on what has been taken from us. Now is a time when we need to keep our attention on what is important to us. It takes tenacity to get over obstacles, be they physical or psychological. We need to see past what’s in front of us and push through until we get there.

The strength we seek in the world, that we think we need to be able to overcome all hurdles, it’s already inside. In our minds and souls is where we will find all that we are looking for. Once found, no one will ever be able to take it away from us.

For the last couple of years, you’ve been trying to find yourself. How did that go? What did you find? Nothing? How can that be? Maybe because there was nothing to find. You were never lost, only confused. And all the confusion was your fault because it was the result of you ignoring parts of you.

Constantly, during your life, you’ve been choosing the parts of you to keep and trying to get rid of the rest. Well, it didn’t work. You are every part of you, the ones that you accept and the ones that you try to forget. All that you pushed aside, was never gone, even if for a while you forgot about it. That’s where confusion comes from.

Now that you know this, what is there to do? The healthy thing is to rediscover and accept everything that you’ve been trying to keep hidden. It might be uncomfortable, scary, ugly, but you are all that. Once you reconnect all the pieces, you will become stronger than you’ve ever been before, because now, you are using all that you are.

In the future, there might be moments when you’ll be tempted to hide parts of yourself again, don’t. You can always use the part of you that is needed but never discard what you deem unnecessary right now. You never know what will come your way, so the more diverse your inner distribution of traits, the better fit you will be to manage it successfully.

Maybe all this searching you’ve been doing worked. You now know yourself as the person you are, not like the person you thought you were. This is a good place to start building you up.