Feeling drained

I feel drained. What if I said all I had to say? What if my words are not useful anymore? These questions are constantly present in my mind. Even so, I will not stop writing because I need it. It has become part of me.

My words might not be perfect, but I am confident they can reach hearts and heal souls. That is the only reason for their existence. They first heal me and then the people that get to read them.

Every morning I sit at my desk and words come. Some days they come easily, other days not so much, but every time they take part of my burden and leave me lighter.

Today I almost forgot to write down my thoughts. This is not a good thing. It means I’ve let the turmoil of life get the better of me. I need to find some time for myself and regain some composure, some sense of who I am because I’ve let myself be overwhelmed by every day’s problems.

Life can be beautiful if I manage to find the discipline to let inside my mind only what is good for me and keep everything else outside. This won’t be an easy thing to do, but if I stick to it long enough the benefits will appear.

I feel asleep while the world keeps moving on. Every plan I make gets old before I can turn it into reality. Things start at a pace that I am comfortable with, then later, pick up speed, and they run me over.

Somehow, I’ve managed to remain on my feet, but my strength is quickly running out. I must find a way to adapt to the flow of life, or I will soon go under.

As the day starts, thoughts come at me fast. I barely have time to understand what they are saying. Some of them hit so hard that I almost lose balance. Each morning I have to find ways to slow down my thoughts so I can take care of the things I must do. It takes a lot of my energy to manage that.

I want to meet every new day with a clear mind so I can make the best decisions and find the best outcome for every situation. Some days I succeed in silencing my mind and it’s magical. It only happens for a few minutes, but those minutes are priceless because they clear out the noise.