Sudden realization

Sometimes it takes a long time to understand things that seem so simple once you do. All of your life, you’ve chased something, with great drive and determination. Every time you got close it moved further, but you just kept pushing.

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why things went like that? It’s not that you didn’t want it bad enough, because you did. It’s not that you didn’t work hard enough, because you did. Then, what was it? Maybe you were so focused on what you thought you wanted that you became blind to everything else, even when it was better.

From now on, keep your eyes on what you want, but don’t ignore everything else. There are many opportunities that show up in what you tend to ignore and even alternative paths to your destination. If you keep stressing and keep pushing toward a made up destination, you might end up noticing only the obstacles.

It’s statistically impossible that your path is made up of only obstacles, but opportunities are hard to miss because they are not marked as such. They often come in disguise.

Slow down for a while, and take the time to notice what you have in your life right now. Make time for the people that are important to you. Do the things that make you feel good. This will open your mind to different ways of being successful.

Life can be so much easier than you make it be. Everything that happens has no impact on you unless you choose it.

So many times, something unexpected comes up, something that you are not ready for. And instead of seeing it as an opportunity to grow, you choose to worry and be afraid.

This is your life, and no one can tell you what’s the best way to live it. You are the one to decide what you understand from what happens. All of us are wired to avoid what is hard, but sometimes doing the hard thing is necessary because it reveals a new part of you, one that you didn’t even know you had.

The more you come to know about yourself, the stronger you become, and doing the hard things won’t seem as daunting. In this life, you can be only as good as you allow yourself to be. When you succeed in overcoming something that was blocking you, what you believe about yourself changes.

You understand that you are worth more than what you believed previously, you respect yourself more, and see strength where there used to be weakness. The fastest way to stop worrying about something is to go do it, no matter how hard it is. The obstacles inside your mind are always bigger than the real ones.

Once you start, you’ll notice that you know more than you thought you did, and that is not as difficult as you believed. It doesn’t even matter if you succeed because you’ll be transformed by the attempt. Just make sure that if you fail, you’ll remember to get up and try again.