Do both

How can I make the right choices in life if I fail to decide on the small tasks?

I find myself procrastinating on everything. I delay to start what I have to do only to find out that once I eventually start, is not that hard. Before I start, though, my mind fills with all kinds of thoughts, and each of them seems more interesting than what I have to do.

In my experience, I found that if I manage to complete 2-3 tasks in a row, it is much easier to start on the next one. This means that my willingness to be productive increases the more I do things.

The actions we take affect how life will unfold, and we need to pay attention to them. What we do constantly creates a kind of inertia that is harder to overcome the more you act in the same way.

For us to have a say in how life unfolds, we need to be aware of the actions we take, and also the motivation behind them. In doing so, we can early identify the thoughts and behaviors that are not good for us.

What you do matters, and the actions you pay no attention to, matter the most. Every little thing that you do day by day adds up to something that can be of use or not. You are the result of all that you do. So, the actions you do the most have the greatest impact. It is always up to you to choose what those are.

Why is it so difficult to keep your attention on a single thing? The mind is so eager to explore every alternative possible, even when most of those alternatives won’t ever exist in reality.

While exploring other perspectives with the purpose of discovering different solutions to the problem you’re facing is useful, it can become a waste of energy when it goes on forever.

You’ll have to learn how to focus your mind on one thing at a time, and you need to be the one choosing that one thing. In the beginning, you’ll feel like a child who ate too much sugar, and keeping your mind still will seem an impossible task.

Stick with this practice, exercise focusing your attention on the things you choose. With every day you keep at it, you’ll be able to keep your mind focused for a little longer. Don’t go thinking that now you’ll have to be focused all the time because this will make you tired very fast.

The purpose of exercising focus is to be able to let your mind be free and curious whenever it doesn’t need to work. But when you need to work the mind must be able to stay here and now, where it can be most helpful.

There must be a healthy balance between letting your mind run and keeping it still because it needs to do both. It will prove useful to you to be able to choose when to do which.