Make sense of the world

Time is a construct of our imagination, just like our mind. They are tools we made up to make better sense of the world. After using these tools for so long we grew to believe they control our reality.

The truth is, we choose where our mind goes and what it stops on. Our minds were left unchecked for a long time and now, if we want control back, we must listen to ourselves and make different choices than we are used to doing. It will take effort in the beginning, but with perseverance, we can live a life we never thought possible.

Time is a measurement. It has no value until we give it some. Your age means only that a certain amount of time has passed since you were born into this world. It does not define who you are.

As long as you are alive, you choose how old you are. You choose how much you live and how much you learn. A long life does not mean a good life. Your life will be as good as you will allow it to be. Please allow yourself the best life you can live.

I’d like to step out of time because I never have enough of it. I have decided time is made for us. It is made for us to use as we please and not for us to be used by it.

We are the ones to decide what’s going to happen and when is going to happen. Time is here only so we have a reference, something to report to. That is how I believe it was when the world started. By now we have forgotten it all. Now we are trapped in time and don’t remember how to use time. We have forgotten its purpose. If we don’t wake up, time will remain our prison. A prison we helped create.