Seeds in time

Time has a consistent habit of moving forward regardless of any man’s desire. But somehow, we are still trying to trick it. We believe in a childish illusion where a great man will be able to conquer time itself.

The truth is, greatness is overrated. The passing of time is a necessity of life. The passing of time transforms people. Just as the seeds planted in the soil in the autumn need the snow of winter to be ready for spring, just like that time grows everyone.

Time it’s not all that is necessary. There must be work done by the growing man. There must be pain in the path followed. There must be hardship.

Through this, the seed of the man that came into this world becomes what it was meant to be. The seed is shaped and transformed. The mind is molded and tested. The soul is forced to reveal itself.

As a boy, I never paid attention to why people do what they do. I paid no attention to why I did what I was doing. But I was blessed. I had my father and my mother to open my eyes.

They both did their best to prepare me for the world before time run me over. Due to them, I’m able to appreciate the people I’ve met along the way.

As a boy, I killed a man that didn’t need to die. At the same moment, I killed the boy I was and I came to know the man I might become. From then on, I took it upon myself to find the signs of beautiful seeds inside everyone I’ll meet.

Trying to find the best in people made me the man I am. I have done a lot of mistakes along the way. Most people made their best to prove to me that in the garden of Mesa only weeds grow. But once I sensed the sweet smell of flowers, it was easy to find them. Each and everyone proved to have something beautiful.

The teaching my parents gave to me, made the time I have in the world a gift. The pain is a gift. The love of Allegra is a gift. My friends are gifts. All I’ve experienced and I’ll experience is a gift.

Even when I will not think like this, everything in my life will still be a gift.