Let go

Why are you longing for things that are not yours? Is it wrong to be grateful for what you already have? This is not to say that you should settle for what you have and never and never strive for more, but rather that you need to see what you have, and not only focus on what is missing.

When what you don’t have is the only thing occupying your mind, everything else goes in the background. So, for the five percent lacking you ignore 95 percent completion. It doesn’t seem fair to have this view of your life.

The rest of your life is still unknown. It might bring your way many of the things that are missing now, but I am sure that you will find something new to chase.

Having a target to reach is important. Moving the target further, from time to time, is also important, but if you ignore everything else you might find that hitting the target doesn’t provide the expected satisfaction.

A better way is to take every day as it comes, find time to appreciate what is already present in your life, and go after new things with the belief that you will be fine, even if the outcome is different than expected. Going after something that you desire is necessary, but the reason you are doing it for is more important than if you are successful or not.

Life is made up of lessons that we learn or we don’t. The hard ones come from running after things that are not good for you.

Can something that is not yours be taken away from you? The truth is, it can’t, but many of us choose to suffer when the things we have become invested in are taken away from us. All your energy and focus went into a version of the future that you were able to see, even feel at a certain point, and now it all crumbled to the ground.

You have done the work and did the best you could do, put all your hopes into an outcome that hasn’t happened, and now you are left empty. If you think about it, none of it was truly yours. You were hoping that things would turn out the way you imagined, but there was never a guarantee. So, why does it hurt so bad?

This will be hard to hear, but you are choosing to suffer and feel the pain. Maybe some of the pain, and suffering are unavoidable, but most of it is of your own making. The pain that you are holding on to is not useful, it will not do you any good.

Please understand that in life, there will be times when you do everything right, but things won’t turn out as expected. Blaming yourself won’t change them, and holding on to the pain won’t change them. Even worst, this kind of behavior will make all aspects of life worst.

Nothing was taken from you because it was not yours. All you can do now is, wake up tomorrow, and start working again. Give up your frustration, and find something new to go for. Remember that even if the outcome was not the desired one, all that you experienced is still yours. Moving forward, remember that.