Can’t go back

In your life, there will be sorrow and disappointment, but it is your decision if this is all you see. No person has a perfect life, regardless of how it looks when seen from the outside. We all have inner struggles that we keep hidden.

You are alive so that you can experience things. Through misunderstanding or fear, now, you try to experience as little as possible. In doing so, you hope to avoid being hurt. The hurt that you feel is mostly your doing. What happened to you might not have been in your control, but you can completely control the way you internalize what happened.

Another choice that is yours to make is, for how long will you stay with the pain because if you wallow in it for too long, it starts to feel like home. Everything that is hard in life is there only to make you stronger, but it is your choice to either embrace the struggle or run from it. Choice by choice, you decide the kind of person you want to become.

Why do you keep blaming yourself? What is there to gain from doing so? You will never be able to change what already happened. All you get is sorrow and regret. Whatever you think you did wrong or should’ve done differently, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you will do from now on.

There is no path that can take you back to the past so that you can change things. The only path you can take leads to the future, and you need to make the best of it. Use all you have right now to help you get closer to where you need to be. The pain from the past that you carry with you has no use here, it’s only something that is dragging you back.

To let go of the pain, you need to forgive. Forgive the people that hurt you, forgive the people that betrayed you, but most importantly, forgive yourself. When you learn to forgive yourself, a weight will be lifted from your soul, and this will provide clarity for your mind, and freedom to move, for you.

In this moment, all you need to do is, trust in who you are, and trust that your decisions and actions are the best they can be because they are. Later on, you might know better, so you’ll do better, but for now, what you know will have to do.