No expectations

Does constant worrying make anything better? I don’t think so, but I’m sure action can improve things. Though I know this, it does me no good, and I still worry. I make up scenarios for today, for tomorrow, and for the rest of time.

They are not real, but after I spend enough time with them, they start to feel real to me. This is where the real problem begins because my energy goes into something that doesn’t exist, but it gives me the impression of doing something.

In truth, I am doing nothing. I take no action in the real world, while in my mind I see myself making progress. The more I think about the things worrying me, the less I am inclined to do something about them, to solve the issues that have created them.

Life is an external experience that we internalize through the way we feel and understand everything that happens around us. It is not meant to be a completely internal or external experience. That is why living too much of life inside your mind will make reality harder to understand.

When you worry, the pressure you create adds up, and, in time, it can grow big enough to crush you. This pressure is self made because no one is forcing you to think a thousand times about something you have no control over. You avoid seeing the truth, but the issues that create stress in your life need to be addressed, not only thought about.

I have no more expectations for the future. I accept whatever comes without putting up a fight. This does not mean that my life passes me by, but rather that I choose to not waste my energy on trying to change what comes into what I think I need.

What I need is not clear to me, so maybe what the future brings is exactly what I must experience in order to become the person I need to become. Holding on to a version of the future that I hold in my mind, doesn’t really work for me because it blocks out the possibility of a better outcome to happen.

Every day is now a gift, and what it brings is always a surprise. It might not always be a pleasant surprise, but I do my best to work it out every time. The approach I’ve been using lately has greatly benefited my mind. When I have no specific expectations to be met, but rather a general direction to move in, the pressure I feel diminishes.

Taking things as they come means that I no longer need to meet people’s expectations. I just can be myself in any situation, and this provides freedom for my mind. When my mind is free, it can focus on what helps me grow, rather than on repetitive and mindless tasks.

Once I made the choice to not oppose life, I realized that I no longer need to do things only my way. There are better ways to live than mine, and if I’m not willing to accept what life brings without opposition, I will always be stuck in this current way of living. This is not good if I don’t like the way I’m living right now.