Learn who you are

A life ends and another one starts. Friendships are lost and friendships are made. Every day brings something new and old at the same time.

As an individual, you are caught in the ways of the world, but it doesn’t mean finding your path is impossible.

Learn to trust yourself. Learn to trust your thoughts and your feelings. At moments, that’s all you can base your decisions on.

Ask questions to yourself and the world. Understand who you are. There is no greater asset than knowing the truth that’s inside your soul.

The world is neither good nor bad. It is always what we make of it. Lately, we are making a mess of it. If you want to make any sense of the mess you better know who you are. If not, this world will change you. It will turn you into someone you’re not. You might realize this when it’s too late to make anything about it. If you’re lucky, you will never see the change and go on living in peace.

My friend, learn who you are and share that truth with everyone. It will make lives better.

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Ciprian A.

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