A place I never knew

A place I never knew it’s shaping up in my mind. A place where what I believe to be right it’s actually right. A place where people remember how to be human. A place where you can be whoever and whatever you want as long as you don’t try to stop anyone from doing the same.

This is the kind of world that can grow and improve. This is a world that can get better every day.

Unfortunately, for now, I have to be content with the real world and its ever-changing rules. The best I can do is to influence as many people as I can into adopting the way I see the world.

From mouth to mouth and from soul to soul a new kind of world can be found. But first, we need to find in ourselves true values. The ones that can give us strength and purpose when reality tries to convince us our beliefs have no value.

Once we have a taste of the truth it is hard to turn away from it, even if we want to.

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