Self worth

A soul is bound to loneliness in this world until it discovers self-worth. Until the soul doesn’t understand its own value the world is going to be a scary place.

Once the discovery is made, the soul is ready for its true purpose. Being happy. Being true.

There is no better proof of real humanity than giving your love to someone without asking for anything in return. Even if the gift is not well received, you would’ve shared yourself with another person and that is priceless.

Too many times we hide instead of sharing who we are with the world. The fear of being hurt stops us from our true purpose.

We need to understand that pain is only a feeling. It will pass. What it lives behind is growth. Growth that could have not been achieved otherwise.

It is growth in ourselves and the ones around us that we must pursue. For that to happen we need to share everything we are with the world.

Putting fear aside and stepping into life is what we have to do if we are ever to find who we are.

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Ciprian A.

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