Know yourself again

We all are capable of extraordinary accomplishments, but we must allow ourselves the evolution that comes from pursuing them.

The obstacles that will certainly show up in your way are not insurmountable, but they will become so if we are not able to push our mind into a future where we went past what it’s stopping us now. When we learn to do this for all that stands between us and the dream we are going after, there is no goal that is unattainable.

Pushing yourself forward when reality seems to indicate stopping is a better option, takes courage and determination. With every obstacle you overcome, your courage and trust will increase.

Each day, all we really have to help us make progress is the faith in the dream we pursue, and the courage to take the next step. With every little step we make, we get closer to becoming a person we can respect and that we are proud of.

All we are trying to do is survive, but we forgot how to live. We have connected happiness and purpose to things that can bring neither, no matter how long we pursue them.

For many of us, life moves along some lines that were drawn for ourselves. Lines that we don’t question until we are in too deep. This must change, and it can only change if we start asking ourselves difficult questions. Questions that will bring into the light parts of us that we kept hidden, parts we didn’t know we had.

Understanding the person that you are, and deciding on the person you want to be, with brutal honesty is what completely changes the way you experience life. Introspection will show that you are not like everyone else, and that is fine, you shouldn’t be.

We are not all the same and we don’t all want the same things. That is why finding clarity, first inside your mind, and then in your life, is important. It will allow for better progress along your path, and it will support you when everything seems to push you back.

Please take some time to know yourself again because it will be the best thing you do, even if it’s scary in the beginning.