Strength in diversity

I find equilibrium in acting as I see fit, with no concern about how my actions will be judged. Most people in this world are not aware we are alive, even less care about what we say or what we do. This does not stop us from considering how will our words and our actions be interpreted.

It is a mistake to root your life in the belief that what you do and say needs to please everyone. The one person you need to please is yourself. Not in a narcissistic way, but as long as your intention is not to hurt, you have the right to do whatever you want.

The beauty of our world resides in our diversity as individuals. The imperfections that we try so hard to hide, so as not to be judged, are our biggest strengths. This is uniquely yours and everyone benefits from you letting go of fear and ignoring the noise created by your actions.

No matter how cool or knowledgeable we try to look, none of us has completely figured out life or the best way it should be done. My naive advice is that you give up judging, and forcing your view on life. You will find it a lot more enjoyable.

These days, it seems everyone has a recipe or an answer for our problems. We are flooded with apparent solutions for success and happiness. The truth is, none of us know anything.

The ones that act in good faith only found a solution that worked for them, and now, they are trying to share it, with the belief it can help someone else. The ones not acting in good faith, make it hard for everyone else to differentiate the solutions that might work from the rest.

To help us navigate through the confusion created by the abundance of information, we must be able to form our own opinions, and not nearly adopt existing ones.

Deciding what to invest time and attention in, even money is important. We can only do this to our benefit if we develop the ability to pass everything through the filters of our minds, question, and understand all that we choose to accept.

When we become aware of what is offered to us, we stop being so eager to accept everything and become capable to discern between what we need and what is useless. Make each of your choices a step for your evolution towards a person you will respect.