It’s all in this moment

Walking down a lonely dark street is not pleasant, but sometimes life puts you in situations that make you feel just like that. When fear hits, the first instinct is to stop moving, thinking that it’s much safer right where we are. To keep moving is the way to go because the only way out of a bad situation is to move through it.

Fear is the one clouding your vision and your mind, not letting you see that you are frozen in place by your thoughts. It tells you that what you know is much safer than what you don’t know, and this is not always true.

 Every second in this world changes who you are. For most of the changes, you are not even aware. As a child, you take this as something natural, without opposition. When you grow up, the mind starts to resist change because it gets accustomed to the surroundings.

Adapting to an environment is a useful ability, but when you stay for too long in the same place, you start believing that nothing exists outside of it. Every human is meant to evolve at a pace that is appropriate, but this means some movement is necessary.

When everything changes outside, you will be forced to let some of the changes in. If you are not the one to choose what needs to change then you are only avoiding life. Life is not made to be avoided. Life is made to be taken head on.

There is no getting away from this moment, even if I wish for an escape. My mind might wander for an instant, but it still needs to come back. All of my life is taking place now, and I am part of this moment just as much as this moment is part of me. All of my wishes and desires are born now, and many of them are lost now.

The life energy that fuels this instant is all we need to acknowledge in order to experience everything coming our way. Giving up things we think we know, and trusting in what we don’t know, but have faith in, will fill every moment with anticipation.

We always need to anticipate the good things coming into our lives but never forget to enjoy the current experience. This experience is the root of all future ones, and without proper attention, the results will be much different from what we want.

There is no way to guarantee the outcome of this current action will be what we expect, but if we don’t do the best we know, and the best we can, the outcome will be something that is not right.

This moment is where you do the work, where you make the best choices you know, where your decisions and actions are vital. Try to disconnect from the future and the past, to be able to completely take in the present. It’s something you need to do in order to experience this life to its fullest.