Actions and principles

All of our actions, or lack of them, echo into the future. What dictates how will our lives unfold is not what we say we’ll do, but what we actually do. The doing part is hard, even when we know what needs to be done, and harder still when we have no idea what is the next step we need to take.

Life flows in such a way that each of us is forced into action, better said reaction. Reacting is something you do in connection to what happens in life, but with not much thinking on your side.

A better way is to be ready to answer to whatever comes your way. It doesn’t mean you have to see into the future, it only means you consider the implications of your actions, or inactions, and make the best choice you can think of.

Not all of your choices will be right, but even the wrong ones will take you closer to the person you are meant to be, sometimes even faster than the right decisions.

For each of us is essential that we learn to think for ourselves. It is important to pass everything through our thought process, through our values, and make sure that what we choose to do or say comes from the inside, that it’s not borrowed from the outside.

Deciding for yourself can prove challenging, especially if you haven’t done it before. But it’s something that can be trained, and it will bring with it a kind of freedom you will never want to let go of.

Principles are hard to keep in today’s world, but they are also the only guidance you have when everything around you changes. Our own core values are the compass that can show us the way when we are pulled in any other direction except the one we need to step in.

Learning, as early in life as possible, that everything that happens in the world needs to be processed by our internal thought process, and not merely accepted, is essential to becoming the person you need to be.

Having a set of values and principles provides a tool to always know who you are. It lets you see how useless it is to compare yourself to others. The only comparison you need to make is between who you are and who you want to be. Once this is clear, start working and let your principles keep you on the way.

Working for what is important to us is essential, otherwise, we will not see the value in our accomplishments, and we will not learn the lessons we need to learn. Looking for shortcuts in life is a sure way to never get what you want. Temporarily, it might work, but life has a habit of balancing things.

In the end, all that we are left with are the lessons.