It takes so little

It takes so little to make us happy and so little to throw us of balance. What comes our way in life is of secondary importance. What impacts us the most is how we package what comes our way before letting it inside our minds.

This is the way we convince ourselves to do things we don’t want to, to stay in relationships with people that are not right for us.

Most times, if we change the angle we look at something, we change the packaging. We must take everything as close to its true value. This way we will not put extra pressure on our minds.

Having a mind that can see things and people for what they are is a blessing. It can be used as a map in an uncertain life.

We live in a world where everybody thinks they need to have an opinion about everything. It’s fine to say nothing on a subject, more so when you know nothing about the subject. There is no need to win every argument, but you can learn from them.

When has being right become more important than doing the right thing? We need to learn again how to respect other people’s points of view.

Most of us have become spoiled children that want all things to fit with our whims. Life is not going to be like that. We are supposed to grow and evolve from whatever comes our way, not cry and bitch for life to fit around our small selves.

Maybe it’s time to try another way of living. One that is more about learning and being better from all points of view. One where our main purpose is to evolve as human beings and let everyone else do the same.