Key to a better life

How do we change what can’t be changed? The truth is we don’t. The only way past it is to accept the unchangeable and concentrate on what is in our power.

When we face problems in our lives, the solution might be around the corner, but we are stubborn and don’t see it. So we go on in the same way that created the problem.

If we want to overcome difficulties, we must understand that our behavior and choices brought them in our path. To avoid this from happening again we need to understand what we did and why we did it.

The key to a better life is understanding ourselves. The more we know about why we do what we do the easier it becomes to do what is right for us.

Don’t you dare run from what stands before you. It can’t be outrun. It has become part of you.

The reality of your life is a result of everything you are and the mind tends to recreate what it knows. To add something new, effort is needed, and a lot of determination.

Learning is the best way to evolve and transform our lives for the better. I am not talking about school, though it might be a start, I am talking about learning as much as possible about the world and ourselves.

Through knowledge we can reconstruct everything. If we also add love in the mix the world is ours to improve.

We all have to make choices in life. Some will be easy and some will not. Most of us spend a lot of time analyzing everything trying to make the right decision. Although making the right choice is important, sometimes making a choice is more important.

Think about it. If you choose wrong you will find out this is not your path and you might learn a lot, so that when you stumble on the right path you will be prepared.

Our perspective on life and what we are supposed to do might be wrong. The way I found to keep me sane and allow some progress is simple. Do the best I can do in any situation and understand a single person can’t fix all that is wrong in the world.

My advice is: be the best you can be as a human and let everyone else do the same.

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