Inner voice

Silence is important, and it’s necessary. We all need time with ourselves, to block out the world and sort out what is going on inside.

Being alone, in silence, for longer than a few minutes, is a difficult task. When we try to do this, the mind becomes louder than ever and our thoughts scream for attention. The first time you try this, it might be overwhelming, but with repetition, the noise your mind makes becomes easier to manage.

Not all your thoughts have the same importance. By being silent, and listening to each of them, you can understand which deserves your attention. By doing this, you have the opportunity to choose where to focus your thoughts, rather than let them run everywhere.

In a time where the abundance of information makes it easy to learn and science makes it easy to explain a lot, we have forgotten to learn about ourselves. To do this, an awareness of what the mind is saying needs to be acquired.

The mind can’t be completely tamed, and it shouldn’t. When it runs free, it can come up with solutions that were not known before, that can greatly benefit the world. At the same time, it can go to the darkest of places, and then find it hard to leave.

Balance must be achieved between when we let the mind run free and when we take the reins to guide it. Our minds will never be completely under control, nor completely free, and it’s alright.

The small voice in the back of my mind is becoming a powerful thunder and is frightening. Since the first time I heard it, I have tried to silence it. I wasn’t ready to listen to what it had to say. Once I found the courage to listen to the words forming in the back part of my mind, I found a new path to follow. A path where I can embrace everything I am.

We can’t ever be complete if we don’t understand we started that way, and then we forgot. There is nothing in the outside world that can make us more than what we are. The only true evolution can only come from inside. It is there where most of our battles take place.

Today, I choose to listen to my inner voice every time it speaks. It proved to be the only true source of information when every other one failed. Try to find your own voice so that this world can evolve for the better. Understand you are everything you need to be. There is no need for validation.