Do what is necessary

How can we do what is necessary when it seems we don’t want to?

First, we need to understand that the main hurdle will be our “normal” way of doing things. Each new thing that needs to be added to our routine will be faced with opposition. The fast way past this is to force ourselves into things and situations that are good for us. When we can do this with the intention to succeed, nothing can stand in our way. Well, except our minds.

All that is new is the enemy of what we already know. This is how the mind perceives things. Reality is different because there is no evolution without something new. Change is always happening, so, to make it easier for us to accept, we must change perspective. We must force ourselves into what we know is right for us. Doing this constantly will help create the person you want to be.

As long as we only talk about what we want to achieve, nothing will happen. To follow up upon our words, action is necessary. Action and effort. If you truly want to become the person you dream to be, you need to change how you do things. The same behaviors will yield the same results. So, change how you do things, and see what happens.

The small things are important. They are what life is made of. Regardless of the place you are in life right now, you must understand this is the result of many small things done consistently. Most of what we do is done on autopilot. In order to gain some control, we must become aware of what we are doing, and why. The next is to start working conscientiously on what is important for us.

No great man and no great thing was the result of overnight growth. We prefer seeing it this way because it gives us an excuse to not do the work involved. Every person that made their own success did not fell into it, and there’s a lot more to it than we are able to see.

Struggles and mistakes are the essences of becoming the person you want to be. The trick is that you must not run from them and that you must learn as much as possible so as not to repeat the same mistake again. Life provides endless opportunities for learning, but many of them seem impossible before we do them. You never know how something will go until you do it, and if you are afraid of mistakes, you will never do any.