Part of something

We all would like the world to be about us. Well, it’s not. The world is going to be here long after you and I are gone.

Every one of us is part of what makes up the world, but it doesn’t revolve around us, though some of us tend to forget it. The way the world works is not designed to hurt us, but rather to teach us to appreciate life, even when it is not as we want.

Finding a way that is right for you might take a long time. Some of us never find it. This happens because we give up the search when we are met with obstacles.

Important things in life are not easy, and that is because you need to learn to appreciate them. When you work for something, it holds greater value to you than if it comes without effort.

Many of us have forgotten that work is necessary for everything we want to accomplish. We live in a society that seems to reinforce this belief, but it doesn’t mean it’s true.

We are allowed everything in this life, but in order to obtain it, we must understand that effort is needed, and a lot of hard work. This is the only way for our accomplishments to hold value.  

What if the world is waiting for you to find your way? What if you are more important than you realize?

The world needs all of us to learn about who we are, be authentic, share our gifts with everyone, and make our lives and the lives of others better in the process.

Many of us know nothing about what the future will bring, but this doesn’t mean we must freeze in fear. Making the best of what comes should be our way of work. We might not come on top all the time, but there will be a win on everything if we pay attention.

When we go about life understanding that we are part of something bigger we are able to focus on what we can give, rather than what we can take, and this is a win for us and the world.